Kako dodati dekoracijo

There are many appealing decorations in the Mango Text Video Maker. Adding decorations can enrich your video and make it more alluring.

Add a decoration line

1. Click [Decoration] on the top of the timeline to add a decoration line.

2. Click [+] on the decoration line to add decorations.

Add online decorations 

On the pop-up window, there are 13 kinds of online decoration categories. You can choose a category or enter a keyword to search for the decoration. Then click to select a decoration.

Add local source

Click [Add Local Source] to select a local decoration file and click [Open]. The following types of files are supported: GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, SVG.

Custom the decoration

① After adding decorations, you can custom their size, position and angle on the canvas.

② Click to select the decoration slider. Then you can drag the cursor and move left or right to adjust the duration. The length of the decoration slider is the duration of this decoration.

③You also can set the entrance/emphasis/exit animation of this decoration.

④Right-clicking the decoration slider can add/delete/replace the decoration.

Add multiple decorations

You can click [+] to add more decorations.