Kako dodati ospredje

Mango Text Video Maker offers users different kinds of foregrounds. Foregrounds can help us lead us into the scene.

Add a foreground

1. Click [Foreground] on the top of the timeline to add a foreground line.

2. Click [+] on the foreground line or click [+Foreground] on the right side of the timeline to add a foreground.

3. On the pop-up window, there are 8 kinds of foreground categories. You can choose a category or enter a keyword in the search box to search for foregrounds.

4. Select a foreground you want.

Foreground settings

After adding the foreground, click to select the foreground slider.

1. You can drag the slider and move left or right to adjust the duration of this foreground.

2. Click [+] on the right side of this slider to add more foregrounds.

3. Right-click the slider if you want to add/delete the foreground.