Klávesové zkratky Mango Presentation Maker (Windows)

Here is a list of the default keyboard shortcuts supported by Mango PM. Learn a few of these to support your convenient and quick presentation-making!

Project #

Windows ShortcutsAction
Ctrl + NNew Project
Ctrl + TNew Project From PPT
Ctrl + OOpen Project
Ctrl + Shift + IImport PPT
Ctrl + QExit
Ctrl + WClose Project
Ctrl + SSave Project
Ctrl + DPut Current Window Content Into Path
Ctrl + Shift + SSave Project as
Ctrl + Shift + TSave as Template
Ctrl + Shift + MManage Template
Shift + F5Preview the Current Frame

Plátno #

Windows ShortcutsAction
DomovShow All Objects
“1” or “+”Zoom In Canvas
“2” or “-“Zoom Out Canvas
“3”Rotate Canvas Clockwise
“4”Rotate Canvas Counterclockwise
“5” or LeftMove Canvas Left
“6” or RightMove Canvas Right
“7” or DownMove Canvas Down
“8” or UpMove Canvas Up

Object #

Windows ShortcutsAction
Ctrl + ASelect All Objects in the Current Window
Ctrl + Shift + LLock/Unlock the Current Object
Ctrl + PageUpRotate the Object 90 Degrees to the Left
Ctrl + PageDownRotate the Object 90 Degrees to the Right
Ctrl + HHorizontal Flip
Ctrl + PVertical Flip
Ctrl + GGroup Selected Objects
Ctrl + Shift + GUngroup Selected Objects
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Shift +TInsert Text
Shift +IInsert Image
Shift +SInsert SWF
Shift +VInsert Video
Shift +YInsert YouTube Video
Shift +EInsert Vimeo Video
Shift +KInsert link
Shift +BInsert Brackets
Shift +FInsert Invisible Frame
Shift +CInsert Circle
Shift +AInsert Arrow
Shift +RInsert Rectangle
Shift +NInsert Triangle
Shift +LInsert Line
Shift +MInsert Music

Text #

Windows ShortcutsAction
F2Edit Text
Ctrl + LAlign Left
Ctrl + EAlign Center
Ctrl + RAlign Right
Ctrl + JAlign Justify
Ctrl + BBold
Ctrl + IItalic
Ctrl + UUnderline
Ctrl + [Increase Font Size
Ctrl + ]Decrease Font Size

Animations #

Windows ShortcutsAction
Alt + AEnter Animation Editing Mode
EscExit Animation Editing Mode

Interactive Editing #

Windows ShortcutsAction
EnterEdit/Save Selected Behavior
Ctrl + UpMove Selected Behavior Up
Ctrl + DownMove Selected Behavior Down
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
InsertCreate New Behavior
UpSelect Previous Behavior
DownSelect Next Behavior
EscAbandon Editing the Current Behavior/
Exit Interactive Editing Mode
Alt + IEnter Interactive Editing Mode

Recording #

Windows ShortcutsAction
Alt + REnter Recording Mode
EscExite Recording Mode

Annotation Panel #

Windows ShortcutsAction
Alt + RRectangle
Alt + EEllipse
Alt + LLine
Alt + AArrow
Alt + PHand Drawing
Alt + HDrag Graphics
Alt + OOpacity
Alt + DClick on Drawing to Delete
Alt + ZRedo
Ctrl + shift + LDotted Line
Ctrl + shift + PColor Hand Drawing
Ctrl + shift + DDelete All Drawings

Náhled #

Windows ShortcutsAction
Left/Up/Page UpBack
Right/Down/SPACE/Page DownNext
EscExit Preview
Ctrl + BBlack Screen/Exit Black Screen
Ctrl + MWhite Screen/Exit White Screen
Ctrl + POpen Thumbnail
Ctrl + KStart / Stop Autoplay
Ctrl + EOpen / Close Notes
Ctrl + HShow / Hide Countdown
Ctrl + DShow / Hide Subtitles
Ctrl + WStop / Play Subtitle Sound
HOMEReturn to the First Frame
ENDSkip to the Last Frame
“+” or “=”Zoom In Canvas
“-“Zoom Out Canvas
DELETEDelete the Last Added Note
F11Full Screen