Add Subtitle

This passage talks about how to add subtitle for explainer video in 3 ways.

<1> Click “Subtitle” tab > Click “add subtitle” > Input subtitle

<2> Click “Subtitle” tab > Click “+” on the subtitle timeline > Input subtitle

<3> Click “Subtitle” tab > Click “Import Subtitle” > Choose “import all scenarios” or “import the current scenario” > Choose a local file in the pop-up window (supported types: utf, srt, lrc, txt, amzm)

After adding subtitle, there are 2 ways for editing the subtitle.

<1> Click the subtitle you would like to edit on the subtitle timeline. The “Caption” column will be show on the right side, and you can:

  • Add entrance and exit effect
  • Change Font Settings, like font, size, color, etc.
  • Apply WordArt and change its border color, outline color, outline thickness
  • Change background color and alpha
  • Adjust position

<2> Double click the subtitle on the subtitle timeline, then edit the subtitle in the pop-up window.