How to Add Images

Good images are more powerful than words, helping us to explain important points easier. How can we add images into animated videos?

Step1. Click the “Image” tab>Add image from the image gallery or your device.

Step2. Customize your image.

There are many parameters of the image. You can customize them if it’s necessary.

1. Resize the image.

2. Add decoration effect to your image.

3. Add dotted line.

4. You can customize the opacity.

5. Add dark shadow effect.

6. Add paper cutting effect to your image.

Step3. Double click the image on the canvas, or click “Image editor” to open the image editor.

Image editor allows you to beautify and customize the image. You can edit the image, such as cropping, flipping or adding filters.

*Note: Images in JPG, JPEG, PNG formats can utilize the Image editor.