How to Use Java Path

Mango Animation Maker allows you to import PowerPoint presentations to create an animated video quickly.

If it is the first time you are importing PowerPoint presentations into Mango AM, you need to enter the Jave Path first.

Follow the steps below.

Download and install Java. Click here to download.

After the installation has successfully completed,

1. Locate the Java directory (generally on the Program Files or Program Files (x86)).

2. Click the JRE folder under the Java directory.

3. Select the “bin” folder.

4. Copy the full file path.


5. Click the “Convert Powerpoint” button. A Java Path Configuration window will be displayed.

Paste the full file path and click “Confirm”. After that, you can import your desired presentation (PPTX format) into Mango AM.

Click here to see how to import a PowerPoint presentation.