Importing a PowerPoint Presentation

You can import your PowerPoint presentation into Mango AM. This allows you to create an animated video with ease.

Before importing your PPT file into Mango AM, make sure that your presentation is saved in PPTX format.

If it is the first time you are importing PowerPoint presentations into Mango AM, you need to download and install Java first.

Click here to see how to use Java Path.

Importing a PowerPoint Presentation

1. Log in to your Mango AM account.

2. Click the “Convert Powerpoint” button.

3. Enter your Java Path on the pop-up window and click “Confirm”.

4. Select the PPT file you want to import and click “Open”.

Note: The contents of your PPT file might be missing if it is created by the old version of PowerPoint.

Some elements of your original PPT file are not supported, such as audio, animation, entrance, or exit effects. You can re-add them in the Mango AM Editor. 

5. Select the slides you want to add to your project and click “Next”.

Once the file imports successfully, you can use all the elements available in Mango AM to further enhance your animated video.