How to Use Label

Sometimes we need to add a label, such as blur effect, mosaic effect, highlight effect and so on to emphasize some particular objects. Let’s see how to achieve it.

Step1. Click the “Label” tab on the right-side toolbar.

Step2. Select one label.

1. Add “Blur” effect

2. Add “Mosaic” effect

3. Add “Black And White” effect

4. Add “Magnifier” effect

5. Add “Noise” effect

6. Add “Smoke” effect

7. Add “Dynamic Blur” effect

8. Add “Extrusion” effect

9. Add “Spotlight” effect

10. Add “Highlighter” effect

Step3. Customize advanced setting.

You can select the style of the label as you like, and adjust other parameters. For example, you can add a decoration effect to the label, and you can also customize the edge feather and time duration of it.